Top 7 secrets to becoming a Digital Marketing Expert in 2020

Top 7 secret to become a best marketor in 2020

Top 7 Secrets to becoming a best Digital Marketing Expert in 2020

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing?

If Yes, then you are Awesome!

Do you know Digital Marketing is more about marketing than about Digital.

And if you understand marketing very well, then your Digital Marketing will Automatically perform very well.

So, it would be best if you had more focus on marketing then Digital Marketing.

Okay, I’m going to share with you my all learning experience. 

But before going to learn, you need to know why you learn?

If you are learning from today, It will take some time, but it’ll be worth it for you. 

Because Marketing will never end in the future, it has self-life because it’s rooted in human psychology and understanding the market.

Today if you invest a lot of time and energy in learning a computer programming language, App development in an android play store. Maybe tomorrow it will be up-sell at an Apple store or some other company. 

And whatever you learn, it might be a waste. 

And it’s also happening with many subjects; nobody knows the future of the issue.

And You may have heard about Robotic surgery. It means a robot can perform surgery for humans, no need for a doctor for operation in many cases. So whatever you learn might go to waste. 

But robots can’t do marketing as well as like humans. Robots can’t do excellent communication with humans.

So in marketing, you must be sure that the time, money, and energy invested in learning marketing will work for a long time because nobody can replace your position. 

In marketing, whatever you will invest, you will get immediate and high ROI, which doesn’t come with any other business expenses.

So, remember that marketing has endless opportunities.

And if you know how to market and sell, then you have a very safe career.

Okay, I don’t want to bore you. Let’s talk about Marketing.

What is marketing in Business?

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Marketing is all about understanding your customers soo well.

Marketing starts even before you make the product.

First, you have to research and engage with your customers as much as possible. It helps you to understand your customer’s needs.

So you can make the best product based on your customer’s choice to fulfill their needs.

And If you don’t understand what your customers need, you will probably not make the best product that your customer wants.

Then You don’t need to sell the product by your costumes. It will start marketing yourself.

But you need to do just one thing that is to drive your customers’ attention by sending the right message at the right time.

They can know about your product, and another thing is most important: you have to build a strong relationship with your every customer. So that they can remember you for a lifetime and also it encourages them to buy more products in the future, 

They also refer to other people to buy your product; you know that people always trust other recommendations.

It’s going to build trust with your customers. 

I know that it’s a little bit difficult to make a trust for the first time.

But, it’ll become a leisurely day by day and once you become a perfect brand. You don’t need to spend money on marketing. 

For example- Lamborghini is a perfect brand, and they don’t spend money through paid advertising or marketing.

Now I want to give you clarity about niche selection because it’s very, very important to your entire business.

How to choose the Right Niche?

niche 1

Just focus on the blueprint. And ask yourself in which category I have these three qualities.

Have I talent for this skill?

Am I passionate about that skill?

Is there a market for it?

If you feel everything is okay with this niche. Then this is the Right Niche for you.

Congratulations! You have got the right niche. 

Now you can start marketing. 

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Don’t worry. I am going to share with you a massive marketing funnel, Which is I learned from my mentor Digital Deepak.

That’s called the CATT Marketing funnel.

What is CATT Marketing Funnel ??

Here the formula W=n^CATT


     W: Wealth

     N: Niche

    C: Content

     A: Attention

    T: Trust

     T: Transaction

ncatt 100kb 1

This is the blueprint, and you can see that we are finally going to generate wealth.

So first, 

  • You have to choose a niche(N). And I have already told you about niche selection. 
  • You need to create exciting content(C) that attracts people to engage with your content. Content can be a form of Blogpost, videos, Live webinar, E-book, PDF. Content helps to attract people to you and your business. People are always ready to exchange contact Details instead of your content.
  • The next one is attention (A). You need to drive traffic to your content through SEO, Social media, Paid ads, Referrals, etc. Once you drive attention, 
  • Then it would be best if you built Trust(T) with your audience through marketing Automation, retargeting. This is a vital thing for your business because, without trust, you can’t make sales. If you focus on your trust with your audience, it will help you generate recurring revenue for a lifetime. Once you do all the things, 
  • Then the sales will happen Automatically. That’s called Transaction(T)

And you know people are making revenue in crores in this strategy. 

Want to know how?

I think you have a saving one crore that is pretty good for a career. So now set a goal in 1 year to make one crore so that you have pressure in your mind to achieve it. 

  • how to make 1 cr xx

Let’s consider 

You now have 100000 customers, and you are going to sell the product for 100 rupees. Then you can make one crore, but it’s revenue, not profit because you already spent one crore to generate 100000 customers.

Suppose you are going to sell some expensive product which is 1000 rupees with your existing customers who already buy your 100 rupees product. It’s a little bit difficult to sell to more customers. But ensure that 10% of people will buy, 

Then you will make one crore of profit but try to generate traffic organically, not spending on paid advertising.

Do you feel this is impossible for me? Then see the graph; you will understand how this is possible and achievable more than you think because it is a mathematical tactic.

If you have 10000 price products, you can retarget your existing customers because they are your HOT customers. They already got satisfaction from your product. Then no doubt, they must rebuy your product.

But I’m not giving you a guarantee that all of your existing customers will buy your 10000 price product. But at least 10% of your existing customers will buy.

Don’t worry; you are still making one crore. 

If you don’t believe, then let’s calculate 

10% of 10000=1000 and your product price=1000

1000*10000=10000000(one crore)

Is it interesting?

Ok, now you also make more profit applying this simple strategy with your existing customers because they already have purchasing power.

Now you have 100000 price products, and your 10% of existing customers is 100. So obviously, you still make one crore again. This is exactly the CATT funnel work.

Well, Still, if you are with me, then I know you are feeling confident. 

Now, let me introduce to you the importance of communication skills.

It’s a crucial topic.

Importance of communication skills in Business.

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Good marketing is all about excellent communication.

Many people think that marketing means pushing your product or services to customers for buying. It might be true if the product or service quality is not useful or low quality.

But if you have the right product or services that will help your customers, you need to communicate with your customers to know about your product or services.

Excellent communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English. 

Excellent communication does not care about vocabulary or grammar.

Just one thing to keep in mind is how I can present my thoughts to my customers effectively. So they can understand me very well.

If you are an excellent communicator, you have no problem, but if you are not, you can improve your communication skill by using these two methods.

You have to read more and then write a lot in your thought process. If you write well, you can also speak well.

But don’t make mistakes like others; you don’t write like writing an essay or college English.

You have to write like you talk because people don’t like substantial vocabulary or complex sentences.

If you follow this simple formula, I’m sure that you will feel confident like you can speak in front of the stage after a few days because this type of clarity gives you much writing.

So try it from today, and I’m also doing it every day.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Every day you see 1000+ advertising on many platforms. 

Am I Right?

It means so many brands are always fighting in any way to get your attention to buy their product.

If they can do it, then why not you do for your audience? 

If you want to generate more leads and quickly sell more, you need to focus on the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework.

It helps you to Visible your content everywhere. And this is possible through Integrated digital marketing.

Integrated digital marketing means it blends all the digital marketing modules in a new strategy for visible content.


Digital marketing has many modules. 


  • SEO
  • SMM
  • SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Content Marketing, etc.

And each module is essential for your business. So you need to be an expert in all modules.

I know it’s too difficult, but not impossible.

Traditional vs Digital marketing

Do you know traditional marketing is still influential in some cases?

For instance, if the product is generic with extensive targeting or daily needs like Colgate, soap, face wash, Dettol etc.then TV ads are enough for marketing on a low budget.

India has TVs in 197 million homes out of 298 million households. So with an average, we can say that TV has reached 800 million to 1 billion people. (source:-Wikipedia)

And also, you can market through newspapers. It has a reach of 465 million people. (source:- Business Standard)

But there are some disadvantages in traditional marketing that you can’t target a specific audience within a particular location.

You can’t see customers’ engagement views, customer’s behavior for your product, and even you can’t get feedback from them. 

And also, You can’t do deep marketing.

Now, if I’m selling a digital product like software, plugin, then TV ads won’t make sense in this case. And if I try to sell through TV ads, it will waste my money and Time and energy.

But if I promote through Digital marketing, it will be worth it and gives me instant ROI.

Hence marketing depends on your product or services.

Why is personal branding important?

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personal brand helps you to identify the people that you are the only expert in your category.

So, people will remember you efficiently for a lifetime. And people are also inspired by you if you are doing something great.

Whatever you launch in the market, it’s going to sell quickly because people know you and already trust you.

For example, We all know Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Amazon.

If he launched a new product/service in the market, it would sell very easily and quickly because people trust him. 

So, you need to choose, particularly in one category, and become an expert in this category. 

One day You will become famous in this category if you give more value to your audience.

Example: If you are now suffering from back pain, then you will go orthopedic specialist, not to medicine specialist

Because you feel that the orthopedic specialist will better understand my problem rather than the medicine specialist.

Precisely the same thing happens everywhere. Therefore you need to be an expert in one category.

Choosing a category and becoming a leader in this category is the most crucial part of branding.

I hope you must have understood the power of personal branding.

If you want to know more about personal brand, then Feel free to visit this Amazing Blog.

Now, you might be thinking of how to build a personal brand.


Just hold on for a second because I am going to explain to you this, using the MASS TRUST Blueprint, which I learn from my mentor Digital Deepak.

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According to blueprint

First, you need to learn a particular skill and practice it by implementing it.

And do Work as a freelancer and try to give your best performance. 

Once you have used this skill in practice and have gained some experience, you must write an article on your blog to share the world.

So people will get knowledge from your blog and also recognize you.

Then you can start Consulting with people one by one. It means people will pay you just for advice.

Then you can start Mentoring for groups of people.

Then finally, you build your Startup where you could use your skill and experience to make a billion-dollar company.

Still, you have to learn, Work, blogging, consulting, and mentoring, even if you are running a startup. It helps you to go through the evaluation continuously.


I hope that you had fun learning about it.

And I have tried to share must of what I know.

Let’s recap 

  • Digital Marketing is more about marketing than about Digital.
  • Robots can’t do marketing as well as like humans because it’s rooted in human psychology and understanding the market.
  • Marketing is all about understanding your customers soo well. Marketing starts even before you make the product.
  • Your niche depends on your Talent, and your passion and market need.
  • The CATT Marketing Funnel. where the formula is W=n^CATT
  • Good marketing is all about excellent communication. Excellent communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English. Excellent communication does not care about vocabulary or grammar.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing helps you to Visible your content everywhere.
  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing, marketing depends on your product or services.
  • Build your personal brand using Mass trust(Learn, WorkBlogConsultMentorStartup)

What do you think right now? Have any questions in your mind? 

Don’t hesitate to ask. Drop your question in The comment section. 



Ranjan Das

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