A complete introduction of Facebook ads for beginners in 2020

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Today I’m going to talk about Facebook ads in detail like – what is Facebook ads, the benefits of Facebook ads and how it works, and how you can run FB ads for your Business. so stay with me till the end I’ll share with you everything.

Let’s talk about the Introduction of FB ads.

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective tools to grow any business Because Facebook has almost 1.79 billion daily active users on the world. So if you effectively use Facebook ads, then it can take your place to the next level.

Let‘s talk about the benefits of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads can help you to reach your exact audience that what you need for your Business.

You will reach Far more people than you ever will with an organic post. 

And the most exciting part is that you can remarket to people who have already interact with you. 

Do you think about how?

Yes, It can make possible with Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel is a code that first you have to place on your website, and It starts collecting data from everywhere and helps you to see track conversions and remarket to people who have already come to your website or taken some action on your website.

It means someone visits your page, and without buying, he leaves your page. In this case, the Facebook pixel will record his data and helps you to remarket to it.

Facebook ads can help you increase your lead, traffic, sales, revenue, and brand awareness. Wait, I explain to you how?

If you can see your customer’s behavior, then you can target the right people, again and again, that can help you to generate quality traffic, leads.

And if you are getting quality leads, then obviously you are going to get quality sales. Then you are making good revenue.

That’s it.

Facebook ads are cheaper than many other online advertising platforms, and there is no limit to spend on ads. You can spend it according to your budgets.

So I hope you got some basic information about Facebook ads.

Now let’s talk about how you can use Facebook ads for your business.

Create a Unique ad image

First, you have to create a unique ad image that holds on to your customers. Because the crowd has everywhere, and you have to stand out as a unique one of them.

This is an example of Facebook ads. And here, you can able to know how ads are created uniquely.

Facebook ads example

Create a Powerful Headline and ad copy

Create a Powerful Headlineand ad copy meant to grab visitors’ attention and make them want to click your ad to learn more.

Create video ads and video live ads.

you can create video ads and video live ads, but this is not mandatory 

But if you are creating video ads, then it will be great for your Business 

because video ads are a great way to build more engagement, gain brand exposure, and attract more new customers. 

You can create video advertisements using your photos and video clips by video editing software easiliy and get attention and convert to sales.

Create a Facebook landing page

You have to create a Facebook landing page

Facebook landing page allows you to collect user information so that you can build a contacts list. Then you can market to them more effectively via lead-nurturing email sequences.

Set your target audience

Then you have to set your target audience

Here I can suggest to you for the first time you should target your warm audience

Because Warm audiences are more likely to engage with your content. And also, it can easily convert to sell.

Set your daily budgets and schedules. 

Here you have to set the daily budgets that you want to spend on your Business.

After that, you can run your campaign.

But If you want to know about your campaign’s performance and want to track your movement, you can do A/B testing before running your campaign.

It is also called split testing.

A/B testing means you have to run two different campaigns at the same. 

It’ll be pretty hard for you to predict what kind of ad design will work better for you or which demographic audience will be more likely to buy your product. So in this A/B testing: You can quickly test multiple ads’ designs and target audiences to uncover the most effective ones. And after this test, you will able to know which campaign is working. So you can set your next campaign accordingly.

That’s it for today

I hope you got some clarity about using Facebook ads. 

And if you have any doubts about this, then you can ask me in the comment section. I am ready to solve your query.

Ranjan Das

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