How to build a WordPress website for business within 30 minutes?

How to build a wordpress website for business with in 30 minutes How to build a WordPress website for business within 30 minutes?

Do you want to build a website for your Business?
If yes, then you have made the right decision for your Business.
Because  Having a website gives your business instant credibility, customers are more likely to trust your business when they land on your professional website. 
And Websites offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising. If you’re planning to market your business, a website should be your first priority because it is the way to show your business stuff.
The Most Important thing is you can reach your customer from all corners of the world by your website.
So here I’m going to tell you how to build a website from scratch.
Let’s start it.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create any website or blog.
WordPress users over 35% of all the websites on the Internet.
Yes – most of the websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress.
It’s an open-source content management system Developed by 1000s of developers.
WordPress built TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, The Official Star Wars Blog, Sony Music, MTV News- all these famous websites & news publications.
WordPress began primarily as a blogging platform, but it’s transitioned into a full-fledged website building tool since its early days. 
It’s grown into a much more than a simple Content Management System and allows you to build any kind of site you desire.
With WordPress, you can build a simple website or even a full-featured website. It takes some technical skill to create the site you desire, especially in the early stages, but the additional effort can be well worth it.
And I’m sure you’ll be impressed at what it allows you to accomplish.
Right now, I’m also using WordPress for this website.
Let’s talk about Creating a website.
Here is an overview that you can follow to get your business website created on your own, within 30 minutes

  • Choosing a domain name for your business website
  • Purchasing Domain and website hosting 
  • Get WordPress installed
  • Install the Best theme and customize
  • Add your information
  • Set up Google search console and Google Analytics
  • Installing WordPress Plugins for More Features
  • Publish your Content

How to Choose a domain name?
Your domain name is the key element of your website. It can make or break you, so it’s crucial to choose a domain name that works for your business.
Do you think why your domain name is so important?

  • Remember This is your “first impression”- Your website URL is the first thing that your visitors will see. Right?  A right domain name can make a positive and long-lasting impression
  • It affects SEO – The exact match domains (according to your Niche) are not a necessity, But keywords in your domain name can help your SEO ranking.
  • It defines your brand- A right domain name will create your branding opportunity!

Still confused, How to choose a Domain name?
Okay, Just follow these few rules.

  • Stick with .com (if possible)
  • Use keywords in your domain name according to Your Niche.
  • Try synonyms, If you are unable to find keywords. 
  • Try to the short your domain name(maximum three words)
  • Avoid doubled letters (EX-
  • Avoid hyphens in the domain name (EX-
  • Avoid number mid in the Domain name (EX-
  • Make it easy to pronounce and spell
  • Keep it unique and brandable
  • And finally, Find your available domain name using domain generators for creative ideas with,,

Now I hope you got your Domain name.
Still if you are not able to find your domain name, feel free to visit this Amazing blog, I promise You will get something usefull. 
Then go and buy your Domain Right now before losing the domain name.
Wait… Wait… Wait…
I know some web hosting companies; They give free domain for one year If you buy Webhosting from them.
Is it interesting?
Let’s Talk about Purchasing Domain and Hosting
How to Purchase Domain and hosting?
Many newbies make the mistake of buying hosting from unreliable companies, and they regret this misstep later. But here I’m going to share with you the Right web hosting and a domain name.
That is Hostinger 
Hostinger is a reliable web hosting service with Budget-friendly, and the loading time is high-speed. I’m also using this web Hosting, and you can see my website loading speed.
So first sing up from Hostinger.
Then see the plan 

CvkIN3AXAZeg67aRZTaU6qC6kdCcZLda8mMy9I3KbLdzeVhLfsH3WV VnEvSHyIA49a2vyurHoVPXR6J4gh GtrBWjH4X2GioQaDeeKdVxyxcheEVJ

You can see it here. It gives a lot of features at a very low cost.
I suggest you go with business shared Hosting, which is the most popular and also this is perfect for small Businesses. 
Here is the Link
And grab your free Domain here.

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Now let’s talk about installing WordPress.
How to Install WordPress in Hostinger hpanel?
First, you have to go to the Hostinger hpanel section. Just type in the URL “” Then sign in with hostinger  to open the hpanel tab.
Click on manage bottom on Hosting Section.

5lKLffyus6P8nhimU5DoI64RnC2SCChKZo 4vzzLCV7DcY2BRS4opSsu3psMErDz0zghJBy2jpkpNVNsW7wgIJqa0uL0UZVX3wYW5NQJJbwA5CsH3gSRsCW mhMBNu rVqd1nDh0

Scroll down and click on Auto Installer

Click here On WordPress.

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Submit your domain name In the Domain Section 
and Create a new administration username and password, which will be used in login for your WordPress admin.
And Also submit your email id in the Administration email section and In the Website title section, just type your website name.
Then click on the Install button. 

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You can see here; your new website is Installed.

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Then go to Dashboard and on the HTTPS

Now you have to Design your Website.
First login your WordPress admin, To log in just Type in the URL “”
Then you can see a window will open like this.
Here type your administration username and password, which you created during your WordPress installation. And click on the log in bottom.

8J L5JgCQw44m0CZiW0iADCMeStKdNXikFJ Xi9hsNlbXuJcTO9fpmmnsx5jkWTX1tcMcmMFdqO0AATqJjN9w9q JZKHEusZGfy4 Ld7moMKI93lKmx YGwvTrcXAvqjm33nVopq

Once logged in, you will see the WordPress admin area. This is where you will manage your website, All the settings, and add new pages, content, etc.

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What is the best theme for WordPress? How to Install it?
There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available, that you can choose from.
But I use the Astra theme and I also suggest you to Design With  Astra Theme.
Because it is a lightweight Theme(less than 50KB), that helps you to load your website superfast.
Once you have installed it. Then go for Customization
Each WordPress theme comes with different settings to customize its appearance. But maximum options are located under the 
Appearance » Customize page in the WordPress admin area.

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From here you can add navigation menus, Add logo, change background colors, add or remove different sections, and much more. Once you have done all the design, don’t forget to click on the Publish Button
Now go to add your information.
How to Create a Page on WordPress and Add Information?
You need to add some information about your Business by creating a page.
Simply go to Pages » Add New page to create a new page in WordPress.

SqySlLfGcIK7LxnGwFlNjLn dRYGHOhlEsgnkIFwRxDTU1l7VrPUGlimTRMWUrRb4Ueq33QQMqAIibWY8QaXt5Q9oX9RPWZcKep6vZilCTDi1sGbaOcm97PtTQ6Xm

Here you need to add a simple title, some text, and You can also add some images. 
Further, if you need to edit these pages, then You can always edit these pages and add more content.
Here are some of the most common pages used in every small business, That you need to create first. 

  • Homepage – This is the welcome page of your website. Add your business name with a call to action to your services/products or contact page. Provide a brief description of why your customers should choose you.
  • About Us – Create an about us page to tell users who you are, what are your business values, and what relevant experience you have in your industry. Because everyone wants to know more about the people behind a business before they can make a decision.
  • Services / Products – On this page you have to include the services or products you are offering with a brief description and pricing chart 
  • Contact Us – On This page, you need to add your contact form details so that users can contact you directly, and also you can add your business’s physical address or phone number.

Additionally, you can create more pages if needed
How to Set up Google search console and Google Analytics in WordPress?
What is Google Search console?
Google Search Console is a free web service that helps you to 

  • submit new content to crawl
  • monitor spam issues to keep your site clean
  • track the performance of your website

What is Google Analytics? 
Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic to understand your customers better. Then you can take action and improve for your Business.
So these are most important for your website.
Let’s setup it 
Simply go to Plugin » Add New and search Google Site kit.
Google Site Kit is an official plugin for WordPress users: Created by Google, It’s a one-stop solution to connect with search console and google analytics.
You can see here, just install and activate it.

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Then click on Start setup
Here the 5 steps, you have to complete.
Look at the link in the middle, you need to open in a new tabdhbWOVvLYHCJZ

Here Just enter your website name, website url and your email Id then click on the GET OAUTH CREDENTIALS 

Then you get a code. Just copy it.

GOJYsETZx UkCX TvZ4a1h1outOzvhUHZC63lJsJck LiR6ZJsXzbZ54m8nTcYIlOG0uAWazY5PFeRndU6pG9N CWLzKiBmBHQFD9euKTTqEEO255LI2W062i zVN2FsRvPEitP2

Paste the code here and click on PROCEED.

Step one is done. And next step is click on SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.dHqwu1FCiuYVAkvC40dzYy LTq7G6X1WdaoGONYZjd RAtlN ShubX59b5adracYI8d3FJ3yg6uLQgzCYBvJuD7RCP5E0TXWLF0Then Login with your Google account. After that you can see opening a grant access permission, where you have to click on allow.
That’s it. Your all steps are done. And now click on GO TO DASHBOARD.
Congrats Your search console is connectedkWBHSjiIwjSSPqwdUnnd6Gw9wLvEACiL8y2TLxRJ qdXqlCaDBV2ibjbBLjuza5reZGGS UvhOGZYS0KdDqXAukqZgoJjTZGuB0HKAidSIPXEf5pc

So next one is Google Analytics. Click on Connect service on Google Analytics. Then you can see a tab opening, where you have to click on PROCEED. And sign in with your Google account and Click on Allow. 
Then click on CREATE ACCOUNTJY1aWwRotw0FvFQD35jF6RwlJlJWAmVLSDzQyrOW WcPn2TZb5AwnCmyjRkqZ875HfuT1ws1 r41R7HI4BOA5 0Atq76YguUtdYJ1FLn22uFKBJ Bkf8HvehW8IO5Dd1BX 6UWfSThen again select your google sign in account and press allow
Here you can see, opening a Google analytics tab
Just click on all check and scroll down then Click on I ACCEPT

Congrats your Google analytics is connected.RjpYqmPKOuz3GYqT0vMVteME7 oOY2waCOMf1zEGIyAE9uxJHqcieQyhVTSkNgAIpWegkN7uEvqlEa0h9SI Ds03p sAAhqN tC2ywKJ6Fqq1bt7y4sOBOpqHrn9

Now add some new plugin for more Features
What are the Best Plugins for WordPress? 
WordPress plugins are like apps for your WordPress site.
There are more than 50,000 free and paid plugins are available. But you have to install the necessary plugin based on your requirement.
And if you install the unnecessary plugins then your site will be heavy and performance will be slow.
So I have mentioned some necessary plugins here. that we install on every website:

  • Yoast SEO/All in one SEO/Rank Math – You can choose one of them. It helps website optimization and makes your site more accessible to the search engines in general.
  • Akismet – It helps prevent spam to both your contact form and your comment form.
  • Sucuri – It’s a Free website malware scanner
  • WPForms – It helps you to create a beautiful contact form, email subscription form, payment form, or any other type of online form with just a few clicks.
  • WP Super Cache/W3 Total Cache/WP Rocket – You can choose one of them. It’s a complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. It compresses elements of your page and creates static files before they are sent to the browser and reduces the overall page size.

Additionally, you can Add more Plugin if needed
It’s pretty simple to install these plugins. Just search in the plugin section  and then click on “Install” and “Activate.”
Now It’s time to Publish your Business stuff
Consider making a blog
A blog is the most effective way to promote your any products/service that you might want to sell through that website.
And I’m not saying this only; there are many online marketers saying that blogging is the top marketing priority.
In this day Blogging is the most effective way to build brand awareness, and an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their website.
To create a new blog post, go to Posts » Add New from your WordPress dashboard.
Once you’re done working on a blog post, click on “Publish.”
Still in doubt about website setup!! Don’t worry, I would Love to help you personally. 
Contact me here, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
That’s it!  I hope this article helped you to make your business website.
If you have still any query, Drop your question in The comment section.
I will try my best to Solve your query or point you in the right direction.
Thank you so much for spending time to read this article.


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