The complete guide to building a successful youtube channel in 2020

The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel in 2020.
The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel in 2020.

Welcome Friends!

Today I’m gonna be telling you about the youtube Channel that you might expect and might not expect from this article.

These are the things that are going to make or break your YouTube channel.

You’re going to learn a Bunch and Bunch of things that I have learned recently.

Here I’m going to share everything with you.

And you’re going to be able to create your first videos as soon as possible after learning from here.

And I want to request you to Anything that you will learn from here you should immediately go and start implementing.

You should go and start implementing it because otherwise, there is no point.

You’re going to have a bunch of important information dumped in your brain, and you’re not gonna have any use of this.

I understand that people want things to appear magically.

No, they will not appear unless you truly take action solid firm action for an extended amount of time.

So first, you are going to learn how you can create a YouTube channel and upload your first video as fast as possible.

Why is that?

Because the most difficult thing in the YouTube channel’s journey is to create a YouTube channel because you are getting into unknown territory.

So I will try to get you through this beginner type to give you all the knowledge you need to make your first video for your Youtube channel.

Did you hear that the first video will be the very worst video?

Because it’s going to be the first, and then you will learn everything eventually.

Let’s talk about youtube.

Introductions Of Youtube

What YouTube really is?

The question is very simple but let’s try to answer it.

Let’s Discuss the things that YouTube actually is.

YouTube is a video hosting platform.

YouTube is a social media platform.

YouTube is a search engine, and YouTube is an advertising business.

YouTube is all of those things at the same time, and they are all interconnected, and they impact what you do as YouTube and as a YouTube creator and as a viewer as well.

When you go to the other creator’s channels and videos, you will see that they have a certain video quality and a certain video resolution.

Just YouTube gives you some understanding of what the perfect video will be for you in the future.

Next, a social media platform.

YouTube has a social media platform that allows interaction with video content.

It’s your comments, likes, dislikes, and it is your discoverability features.

YouTube will show you a similar type of video from the other creators.

This Is the social part of the platform, and it will start giving you the other videos.

Now let’s go to the next one, which is Search Engine.

YouTube is the search engine.

The compelling thing that you absolutely need to utilize 

It allows people to find your content in a video.

It means that YouTube is getting information for the search engine from your video. 

Next is metadata

Basically, metadata is like title descriptions, tags, thumbnails, and video subtitles. Even what you talk about in the video is a part of metadata.

Mindset Of YouTube Before You Will Start

YouTube mindset that you need to have as a creator because the majority of the creators

You have to set your mindset of the viewer rather than the creator.

And you have to see your videos as a viewer. 

And having a right mindset as a creator will help you in the short run and the long run because it’s challenging to be a YouTube creator.

Here I’m going to share some phrases that you need to remember for yourself and always have it in your mind while you are a creator.

That will help you to go to the next level.

Do you think, “Yesterday was the best time to start?

Then my answer is, “Second best is now.”

And Now was the best time to start because if you started in the past, you would already be one step ahead

but you didn’t.

Or maybe you did, but you still have the second-best time, which is right now you will not have a better time to start YouTube channel than now.

Every single day that passes, every single hour that you do not create YouTube videos  for your youtube channel

and when you want to make YouTube videos for your youtube channel, it is becoming harder to succeed.

So start creating YouTube videos right now.

And this is perfectly timed with the second video in which the second phrase that Done is stopping people is better than perfect.

This is the main reason that stops us from creating YouTube videos in the first place.

You want to create a YouTube video so perfect and so good that it would succeed from your first video onwards, which will never happen.

Well, maybe 99% of cases do not happen.

So thinking of yourself as the 1%

Whatever the capacity you have or whatever the knowledge that you have doesn’t matter.

Just take the video and make it a done record.

I know your first video will be the worst video ever.

But Every next video will be better, but to have a better video, you need to have a better video first.

Focus on starting points and target to finish the tasks rather than making it perfect, and people will see the video you actually made and upload in your youtube channel

The more time passes, the more content you create, growth will increase exponentially.

Think of it like every single one of your videos is the window to a channel if you have only one vine window.

And be prepared for months of work without expecting the results. 

And one thing keeps in mind that you are creating videos because you want it, not because you want the results right away just because you want the results will come eventually.

Because YouTube is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Every single channel has its time in the world, and your time maybe a few weeks or perhaps a year.

Creation Of YouTube Channel And About Section

Okay, well, let’s talk about the creation of the YouTube channel.

It’s effortless.

But I’m going to give you some understanding of the creation of the YouTube channel.

This is the thing that I’m going to tell you right now.

You can have a personal YouTube channel, and you can have a brand YouTube channel.

Usually, people create a personal YouTube channel, but I highly suggest you create a brand YouTube channel because it’s easier to control and do more things.

All you need to go

settings » Add or manage your channel » Create a new youtube channel

Then type your youtube channel name and click on create.

That’s it.

You already create your channel then press the customer channel then go to your About section and feel it out, and it’s a crucial thing.

Here you have to Explain who you are and what’s your channel about.

100% always do that first before you’re going to go through anything.

Then you can see the link section in below; you can add the links later you don’t need this first because people are usually rarely clicking the links
but you can add it if you want.

Topic & Type Of YouTube Channel 

Okay, now let’s talk about how to choose the topic and type of youtube channel.

It is a very, very important thing in youtube channel.

So what is the topic of the youtube channel?

The topic of the channel is what your channel is about and only YouTube.

This is usually called a niche; the niche is a very narrow type of the topic.

For example, your channel is about technology, or your channel is about making money online or about gaming.

So you need to understand that the channel about gaming is a topic, but it’s not a niche.

It’s a bit of a difference.

It’s quite a significant distinction because gaming is inclusive.

Just classifying gaming as a topic is a bit more complicated than classified as a genre.

Gaming is more like a genre and then a topic.

So if you want to go with a gaming topic, you can say strategy games are the topic or the niche. 

But in my opinion, gaming is not a niche; it’s a genre and close to the topic.

So it would be best if you go as narrow as possible

you can expand a bit later but at first, try to go with as little as top as possible 

Then you have to create content.

Usually, we have three main types of content.

They are not entirely independent, meaning that you create one type of content.

You cannot create a second one, or you cannot mix two of them.

There are three different types.

First is education – It means this content to teach people what you are doing in a specific topic.

Second is entertainment-You are just entertaining people and people who should enjoy and have fun with the content.

The last one is information (news content) – It means that you are talking about the stuff that is happening right now and giving a news breakdown.

Just understand that different types of content have different audiences as well.

If you create one type of audience in one topic, you will get a particular audience.

It is a very great thing to have.

So this will be it for the topic and type; you don’t need to know more than this.

Naming Your YouTube Channel

OK, now let’s talk about how to name your youtube channel.

I talked about the creation of the youtube channel.

I talked a little bit about the section about topics and types, but I wouldn’t talk about the naming of youtube channels, which is a pretty important thing.

And people are just ignoring this at first.

And then they’re just regretting the naming of the youtube channel that they made.

So you have to do it; first, it is not very hard to name your youtube channel, and it is a one time job basically that you need to do at the very beginning of the track.

You can do it a bit later even if you have 100 subscribers, and you change the name of the youtube channel, you’ll not lose a lot.

But yeah, it’s better not to change the name of the youtube channels later.

It’s better to have that right name or the appropriate name at the beginning.

So there are a few rules that you need to follow.

First – try not to use any numbers in your name.

I know there are quite a lot of YouTube’s who are using the numbers in their names, and they’re still popular but mind that many of them have numbers that are in their words that have some function or some meaning.

So don’t use any numbers in the youtube channel.

Because people tend not to remember numbers very well, especially the more vast numbers.

Second – Do not use any special characters, no dashes, no exclamation marks, no question symbols, no dots, no commas, no nothing.

Because Special characters are not used in the speech.

We’re not using the speech. We are using it in writing.

And it would be best if you remembered that people would call your names.

Name of the youtube channel verbally they want they have it in their heads.

They don’t have the name of your youtube channel written in their head.

Having a particular character makes it a bit harder to remember, and you need to be as easy to remember.

Third – not use any stoolie or swear words even if you are a teenager or a young adult.

and you might be thinking that using the silliest swear words will grow your youtube channel 

Yes, it will grow your youtube channel.

But in the future, it may backfire on you because it will be complicated to land a brand deals or have some other monetization purposes with the silly and swear words. 

So, don’t use silly and swear words because it will hurt your business if you want to transfer into the future.

So altogether avoid it.

Your real full names are acceptable to use as long as they’re more or less easy to remember.

For example, if you have a tough first and last name, then try to come with a shorter version of your first name and your last name in full.

It’s not a problem 

Just try to tell your last name and look over and over again on your youtube channel.

People will remember it.

How is that right?

It’s OK to use it but always give your viewers information about spelling it right and how to tell it right.

That’s it.

YouTube Logo & Banner

You can use your photo as your logo. It’s perfectly fine.

You can use it at 100%. It will not be a problem.

If you’re not making a personal channel, you may not want to use a photo as your logo.

Then you can go and create your logo, something like that 

or if you don’t know how to make your logo.

Then I suggest you go to 

Here you will design your logo free of cost.

And another way is you can hire a graphic designer on to edit your logo.

Equipment For YouTube Videos

Okay, now, let’s concentrate on things that many beginner YouTubers are focused way too much on.

And it is a piece of equipment.

People think that they need a vast amount of equipment to grow on YouTube.

This is not true.

But there are some types of equipment that you need to have to succeed on YouTube. 

First, you need a microphone, mostly.

The microphone is everything that you need to have the right youtube channel.

You might probably think that I would say you need a fantastic computer and a DSLR camera.

Yes, all those things are good, but not crucial for a beginner.

But a microphone is essential for the beginner.

There are three types of microphones available: Lavalier microphonecondenser microphone, and a dynamic microphone.

I don’t suggest it get very deep into the audio stuff because there are things different from those, but you need to know which microphone is best for you.

Lavarial mics are small microphones, and also you will get very low at cost. And this is perfect for beginners. 

And I know many YouTubers who use even Lavarial mics, and they’re doing perfectly fine.

So you don’t need to buy an expensive microphone at the beginning. 

Condenser mics And dynamic mics will be similar, but they work a bit differently.

You don’t need to precisely know how they work but know that these usually cost more because They can filter out your environment a bit better.

That’s what you need to know.

So, What about cameras?

Aren’t they important?

Well, actually, yes, it’s also essential, but you don’t need to buy any fancy camera. 

In the beginning, you can use the phone camera, which in the majority of the cases, will be the best.

The phone camera looks already pretty great, and people will forgive you for lousy camera quality if the content is good, but they will not forgive you for any horrible audio and microphone quality.

And you can even use your webcam. It is also good.

Now, what about a computer? And what about editing?

Yes, you can use your existing computer for your editing.

You can use any computer for your editing, and most importantly, phones have so much power right now that you can edit your videos on phones and tablets.

And you’re not going to edit like compelling videos at the very beginning.

Simple cutting and removing background noise is enough for you at the beginning because that’s what the majority of people are doing.

You don’t need any extraordinary effects on your videos.

So, Don’t think about this too much.

YouTube Software For Beginners

Now let’s talk about YouTube software and media.

You understand the hardware with equipment that you need to buy a microphone first, and you don’t need to concentrate on anything else.

But what about the YouTube software?

There is quite a lot of software you might need to use.

But let’s categorize them, and I will give you a clear understanding of what type of software you need to use.

–First, you need a screen recorder which records your screen 

You can use zoom, loom for screen recording. And it’s free

-Next is the audio recorder which will record your voice

You don’t need it initially, but you should know about it, at least.

You can use audacity for voice recording. 

Another is Adobe Audition; it’s a bit more complicated and a bit more robust software.

So I must ask you to go with audacity.

It’s free to use.

–Then, you need a video editor.

This is probably one of the most important parts of YouTube’s workflow, and you need to choose your video editor wisely.

Many editors are using Adobe Premiere Pro, and it’s so powerful. But this is for the PC version.

And if you want to edit with your phone, you can use the Kine master, which is very popular.

So this was all of the software that you will need you can choose wherever you want.

I will highly suggest going with the free options of every type of software, and then you can switch to the paid version when You think that the free options are not enough for you, and you feel that they are restrictive and want to do more.

Uploading Workflow

Let’s talk about the uploading workflow that you will need to do for your youtube channel.

I’m pretty sure that you already know the majority of the things that I’m going to tell you because you already created some videos in advance. 

So first things are title – Be thoughtful of the title and choose the title very wisely.

Try to use as long a title as you can, but do not cram it with useless keywords. 

Just try to use the keyword that people will be looking for.

Second is Description – fill out the Description with the keywords that you think people might be looking for 

Then put all the links that you want to include, but It’s not necessary, but you can put it if you wish.

Whatever the things you want to include in your Description, use all of them, and one thing at the end of your Description has three hashtags.

Because These three hashtags will improve searchability, it will give you more visibility on social media for all your related video posts, making it easier for a viewer to find your video on youtube channel.

Music & Copyright

Let’s talk about music and copyright.

I’m going to be talking about some of those things, and those two things are very related because copyright issues mainly come from music.

That’s why I decided to take them altogether.

So you have to be very careful about music because music is the first reason

why many videos are getting claimed or even taken down with the copyright strikes.

We’re going to be talking about copyright claims and copyright strikes.

Usually, beginners are just taking some music from their favorite music videos and just putting them into their YouTube videos, and it only gets claimed or taken down immediately because they do not have the right to use these content.

So know that you cannot use the music unless you have the right to use those.

So here are three rules that you need to follow.

First, try to use music from YouTube’s music library.

You have access to the YouTube music library through the YouTube studio.

You can get there and choose whatever music you want to download and use it.

They’re safe to use because YouTube has cleared them of themselves.

Secondly, you can use music from special services like epidemic sound and pretzel rocks.

I highly suggest you use both of those.

These services provide you with music with the right to use them for your YouTube videos.

Epidemic sound is a paid service, but it’s an outstanding service, as amazing service.

Pretzel rocks is a service that is a music player with a bunch of playlists that it can play music from.

This is better to use in the Life Streams; for example, if you are talking and want to have the background music, then the pretzel rocks will do just fine.

And avoid no copyrighted music channels. Maybe you’re going to see so many no copyrighted music channels on YouTube.

So many are promising you that their music is absolutely copyright free and you can go and use it.

The majority of them are absolute liars, and they are giving you the right to use those kinds of music, and then they will start claiming the music.

So, Avoid those channels like fire. 

I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials on YouTube itself, telling that copyright music is safe.

There are some secure channels, but a date has been diluted so much that you cannot just use it.

And you can’t trust anyone.

So just completely avoid it.

Do not use this service.

Copyright strike is very dangerous because you can get only three of it, and if you get three copyright strikes, you are getting banned, and your entire youtube channel will be deleted.

And you can do nothing about it.

So you need to figure all this out by yourself and be very careful by using the material that is not yours or does not have explicit permission to use those materials.

So be careful.

Additional Tools

Okay, let’s talk about some additional tools that you can use for your YouTube channel that might make your YouTube life bit easier.

The first thing that I am suggesting is to use a YouTube studio mobile app.

It is incredibly useful to have YouTube analytics on the palm of your hands wherever you will go; you don’t need to be sitting on your computer.

To answer the comments and not be restricted to a single account, you will not need to switch accounts every time you get a word for the different versions if you have several accounts.

So it is handy to have a YouTube studio app on your phone.

And the next application that I am suggesting you to use,

That is TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

So these two applications are similar to each other, but they have some differences.

TubeBuddy helps you to find the absolute best tags to add to your videos. YouTube tags are an essential part of ranking your YouTube videos, so they can quickly find the best tags. TubeBuddy is available in Chrome extension, Firefox, and Safari extension.

So the best thing is that It provides more advanced analytics and data.

And  VidIQ helps you to find topics and powerful keywords for your video. It also has some SEO features that allow you to create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags. But VidIQ’s analytics are more basic.

And It is available in Firefox extensions and Chrome extensions.

They are both free and paid options as well. I do not suggest you purchase any of those at the beginning.

Channel Growth Time

Here I’m going to talk about real growth time.

So you already created your YouTube channel, you’re probably already pretty familiar with your YouTube channel.

You have done some videos, you have done some editing.

You are already into it, and now you have a question that.

How long will it take to grow my subscribers and viewers?

How long will it continue until grow?

And this the question that is very difficult to answer

because every single channel is entirely different and unique.

And it isn’t very easy to say what is the real growth time

but let’s try to answer these first things.

Let’s define what growth is?

So many people are mainly focused on subscriber numbers.


This is a very wrong thing because subscribers do not indicate your youtube channel’s growth and your viewers.

And many youtube channels have many views but not many subscribers.

And there are many youtube channels with many subscribers but not many views.

So when you have many views, your subscribers will come.

Subscribers are coming with the viewers, but viewers do not come with subscribers.

So you need to understand that views are a far more important thing for you and then watch time and then the subscribers.

And here is the answer to the question about a real growth time.

You will see every youtube channel will grow at its own pace, even with identical content that will have the same growth.

So that means no one can tell you exactly how long it will take for a youtube channel to grow.

But here I can suggest something for a fast and better result for your youtube channels.

Treats your YouTube channel Like your caring person(maybe your father, mother or maybe your GF or maybe your BF)

And start engaging and spending time more and more.

And when you work on it, really spending an arbitrary amount of hours.

Then you will see your result very soon.

And This is guaranteed.

Keyword Research

Now I’m going to talk about keyword research.

First, let’s think about what the keywords are? and why you need it for your youtube channel?

So keywords are the data in your youtube, mainly in your title, in your description, in your tags, and your captions or in subtitles That explains to YouTube what your video is all about.

YouTube has no idea, and they need to understand what your videos are about and that’s why your keywords help them to understand.

More important is how the keyword works for YouTube channel when you give YouTube different keywords.

YouTube is trying to find out who this keyword will be right for they’re either going to push this word of these videos with the keywords, either through the Recommended section, either to the suggested video.

And people are picking up these videos, and they’re watching it they will understand that these videos are good and then they are going to push this to even more people

but not to every person but to the same type of people who watch this video and grow.

Then YouTube is going to show with even more people even more until they are going to run out of people who is similar to the first audience, and they are going to trust the show to the different audiences.

And this circle will end if basically, they don’t have any new audience to show your videos.

Then the video will start dying down until the new people will start showing.

YouTube knows who the people who might like your video and then show it to them.

If those people like your videos, then YouTube will show you more people and that more.

and if they will not like two videos, YouTube will not be delivered to any more people.

Next time, they will show this video to fewer people because they understand it; maybe they were wrong.

Using  Analytics On Youtube

Let’s talk about YouTube channel analytics.

Many people go to their youtube channel analytics and watch how many watch views they got and how many subscribers they got, and their reach.

But they do not understand that the metrics they see in their analytics are the combination of all single video metrics.

Well, they know this, but they don’t want to understand this.

What do I mean that what your videos are doing individually dictates the main youtube channel analytics and primary youtube channel growth, meaning that you need to concentrate on each video separately and see how they are growing instead of fixating on your youtube channel’s growth overall?

Because if your every single video individually is doing well, then your youtube channel entirety is doing well.

And each video is fueling the entire youtube channel’s growth.

So this is what you need to concentrate on in your analytics of each video individually.

Thumbnail A/B Testing

So what is A/B testing?

A/B testing makes better decisions on which thumbnails, tags, and descriptions are best for your audience and work best to drive traffic to your content.

So there are two ways to do a thumbnail A/B testing.

One is the paid way, and one is free.

So the paid way is to do it with the tube buddy.

It requires the legend subscription From tube buddy.

The A/B testing does upload it to different thumbnails, or you can upload two different titles or even descriptions or even ads.

And it is rotating every single day or two on a 24-hour basis and measuring the A/B results every single day.

This is the easiest way and the best way to do it 

because it does not require much work from you, and overall, after a few days, it’s going to give you results whether the thumbnail is better or not.

And the other way is to do it yourself.

So how can you do A/B testing?

You can create two different sets of thumbnails for each video.

You can go and test your thumbnails for at least three days manually.

Then, do it two or three times, and you will see approximately which thumbnail is working better, but This is not going to be an exact thing.

So, work on A/B testing is unnecessary; it is more advanced stuff that you don’t need initially.

Creating Playlists

Let’s talk about playlists.

So why playlists are essential and how you should use them.

Let me explain to you with an example, if you have a playlist of 10 videos. And I open your one video; then, it will show me the entire playlist video. And I watch the video, and when the video will over, it will automatically play the next Video in this playlist.

It means I watch your every video in the playlist, which will help gain your watch time and views.

And this is the way to gain many views and watch time.

Playlists play a massive role in the role’s metadata, meaning that it helps you with the keywords’ higher ranking.

Why is that?

Because in a playlist, you have that alongside the videos itself like the title description self in the playlist.

You have another two points of metadata or keywords.

One is the name of the playlist And another is a description of a playlist.

And always fill out the name and a description of the playlist all the time.

This is why you should put your videos in the playlist and share videos in your playlist.

Communicate With Audience

Let’s talk about communication with an audience

It would be best if you communicate with your viewers and subscribers.

And Here are some rules that you need to follow to be very good with your viewers’ communication.

These are fundamental rules.

These are not anything complicated, and probably you know this, but you may forget how to follow them, or you may forget to read them.


-answer the comments(all of them)

-Ask to subscribe and like

-Be helpful and polite

always answering the comments.

Whatever they do, you don’t matter.

Just say thanks or give a hearty emoji 

Then ask to subscribe and like, it is not begging.

Because in 90 % of the cases, when people go to the video, they don’t think about subscribing.

It’s not that they don’t want to subscribe or will not subscribe.

They’re just not thinking about subscribing there.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

Then be helpful and polite with your audience. 

Be positive because your positivity is attracting other people.

You can ask them to come and tell them that you are interested in their point of view.

Tell them that you want to hear and think about it because they want to share their opinions.

But some things that you need not do are a bit bigger.


-Don’t lie

-Don’t communicate with trolls

-Don’t be negative

-don’t do things for commenters(something they can do)

First, don’t lie.

That’s a big thing.

It’s helpful, polite, and honest would be the better case induce but don’t lie.

People in your view are the subscribers like tigers in the bushes.

They are capturing every single word you say because they are watching your videos.

And if you lie, you will get caught because you will get tangled in your lies.

Please don’t lie, no matter how bad it is.

If something is really that you want to say, it isn’t right.

Just don’t say it, and that’s it.

Just be honest or be silent.

Second is don’t communicate with trolls.

Man trolls!

They are everywhere, no matter what type of videos you do.

They are everywhere, and they want you to get into their comments and get into a fight with them in the comments section below because they live with it.

Some people want it.

As soon as you identify the troll, please ignore it.

Don’t be negative.

Negativity is not acceptable in your comments.

It’s not fair because when people see the negativity in you, they will immediately attack you.

So Don’t give the negative people fuel to destroy your comment section. 

Please don’t do things for commenters things they can do.

You see what happens in many cases, especially if you’re doing educational tutorial videos.

Many people will come and do not even watch your video.

Or maybe even watch your video and ask you to do for them whatever you’re explaining in the youtube channel.

For example: if you are explaining how to do YouTube thumbnails in the video.

They’re just come to you and ask you, Oh, can you make me the thumbnail?

Something like that.

Don’t do it because if you do it for the one, you’re going to have to do it for everyone.

Just Communicate with your viewers and subscribers.

Communication builds trust, and trust is far more valuable than simple views 

because somebody will view your video and go away and never come back.

But if you have trust with your viewers, he will become your subscriber.

He will come back for your videos.

He will be active in the comments sections.

Maybe he will purchase your products. 

He will be truthful and loyal to you, which is very, very valuable.

So never forget to communicate with your viewers and subscribers.

Well, this will be true on this one.


Well, for whatever reason, you want to use YouTube.

I’m pretty sure you will reach success.

Thank you for reading this article.

I congratulate you because you are a winner. After all, winners take action, and now you need to continue taking action to continue being a winner.

I don’t have many words because this is a very pleasant feeling that someone got through the end.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I am here for you, and I will always be. and You can follow me on my social media

Thank you again.

And if you need help regarding WordPress setup, I have written an article about the full WordPress setup. Check this article here. I’m sure it’s going to help you.

Ranjan Das

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