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Are you interested in learning digital marketing, but don’t know how to start?

Or Are you somebody who wants a mentor or friend who can guide you step by step to learn Digital marketing?

Or Are you somebody who wants to learn Digital marketing by doing an internship?

If the above these are true, then you are in the right place.

Today I am going to share with you about the massive digital marketing internship program that you haven’t heard of before.

Oh! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. 

I’m Ranjan from DDIP Batch 4. And I’ll also share with you how this DDIP changed my life in the end.

Now, what is DDIP?

It’s a short term of Digital Deepak Internship Program. 

I was confused before I joined this internship program. 

I think you must have heard of “Digital Deepak” before because he is one of the best Digital Marketer in India.

And if you don’t know him then first I would like to introduce him.

Digital Deepak Internship Program
Digital Deepak Internship Program

His name is Deepak Kanakaraju. But He is famous as “Digital Deepak”. 

He is a Blogger, speaker & trainer in the Digital marketing field. 

He first started his career by blogging at

You can check his TEDx talk on Youtube, where he talks about his life journey, how he started his career from Blogging and how Blogging changes his life. 

And also He worked at some startups like Practo, Instamojo, Razorpay, Exotel, Theorem etc.

And then He started his startup Pixel Track Digital as a Digital Marketing agency.

After that, He started Mentoring in the Digital Marketing niche.

Nowadays he has many paid courses, which has very high-quality content. And already more than 20000 students enrolled in his courses.

But Deepak feels that the course is not enough for getting knowledge in Digital Marketing. 

And also I know many people who buy online courses and does not complete it in time. They don’t even implement it after learning. And you know that if you do not implement after studying, then there is no benefit of learning.

As per my experience, I have also enrolled in many courses from many sources. And I am also not able to complete those.

But why we do not complete because we don’t have any pressure to complete the course.

For example, You are going to a restaurant and order food. And you did not eat completely then you threw the left-over in the dustbin. And the chef sees it. 

How he will feel, imagine! No matter how much money you paid for this food.



The same feeling happened with Deepak.

So Deepak established a new process of learning that will pressure you to learn every day along with getting some reward. It’s called Digital Deepak Internship Program, which is also different than the regular programmes by other digital marketing mentors. 

Are you excited about the reward?

Yeah, It’s a cool thing that you can’t imagine.

But I’ll not tell you what the reward is. It’s a surprise!! 

Just keep patient, you will know this very soon.

Now let’s talk about How it’s different from the regular courses

If you think that this course is like pre-uploaded videos and you’ll have to watch, then you’re mistaken.

It’s not like this.

Well, I already told you that this internship program makes you do every task.

Are you wondering how this will happen?

I’ll try to explain it with my experience, how I have done assignments under pressure and how I have got rewards on completion of every assignment.

It is a 12-week programme with twelve assignments and four bonus classes.


First, I have learned the SUCCESS MINDSET. It’s changed my mind because here I learned the stuff that nobody taught me. It was an overall transformation of life-changing video content. 


In week 2, I have learned the fundamentals of marketing. 

It is essential because, without proper knowledge of marketing, you can’t do Digital marketing.

And Deepak says that “if you understand marketing very well, then you can do Digital Marketing quite well”.

Yeah, That’s exactly true.


In week 3, I learned How to find a profitable niche with proper keyword research.

Here Deepak has introduced a formula that helped me to find the profitable niche.

Not only me but also my fellow interns got their profitable niche.

And this was also an essential part because, without the Right niche, you can’t get success in any business.


In week 4, I learned how to create a WordPress website and install the essential required plugins. 

And then how to connect the Google Search Console to view in Google Search Engine. And how to analyze in-depth details about the visitors through Google Analytics. 

But I had already created my WordPress blog before. But here I have learned many advanced things.


In week 5, I have learned how to create different types of content that attracts my visitors.

And the best thing is that I was not able to create Video content because I am a shy person and I did not want to show my face on Youtube 

but in this assignment, I made my first video content for my Youtube channel.

So now I feel confident to face the camera. I am planning to do more video content in the future.


In week 6, I have learned social media marketing in a unique way that probably everybody knows, but nobody focuses on much more. 

Which is how to create your a Tribe or own Social media platform and how to market them by nurturing, learning this skill is essential. 

I know you probably are not able to understand this concept because you have not heard it before, but believe me, this is the perfect way to do marketing.


Week 7 was the more exciting part for me. Here I came to know different types of Email marketing tools for finding B2B email. 

But before I felt that collecting lots of emails was too hard and Finally, my work turned super easy.

And also I learned how to generate B2C leads through a landing page.

It was an exciting part for me.


I always wanted to learn about Facebook ads, and I have also watched various free video on youtube, but nobody has shown me the right way to start Facebook ads’

But in the week 8 assignment, I learned about creating Facebook ads campaigns for running conversion ads and Traffic ads in depth.

This assignment cleared my doubt and concept of Facebook Ads.


I didn’t have 1% knowledge in Google Ads, but I know Google Ads is a type of ‘inbound marketing’.

But In the week 9 assignment, I learned A to Z about google ads.

And I also created three different types of ads like Search campaign, Display campaign, and Video campaign. 

Because of all these classes and pressure, I was able to learn Google Ads. 


Search engine optimization(SEO) is an integral part of Digital Marketing.

Without SEO, your website can’t be visible organically on Google search engine.

And if not visible on Google search engine then nobody will know you.

So In Week 10, I have learned how to do SEO for My website. Also, I have written an SEO-friendly Article on My blog. Feel free to check this Blogpost.


In week 11, I learned how to do Deep Marketing remotely.

It means If you know deep marketing, then you can run your business smoothly and remotely.

And In this Assignment, I came to know what is the Tool that Deepak uses to do deep marketing and How he does Deep Marketing. And much more

Deepak Says that “Deep Marketing is the Future of Marketing, If you master Deep Marking then you will be able to tap into an unlimited source of wealth”. 


This copywriting assignment will start next week.

Copywriting is an essential part when it comes to selling.

So I am very excited to learn copywriting.

I will update here when my assignment is done.


Most of the interns here are students, and they are looking for a job.

Even though I am a student and I am also looking for a job.

So I think this assignment will help us to get a job.

And I will update here everything when this assignment is done.


This assignment is going to help, who want to start their career in freelancing or agency.

And I also want to start my career in freelancing.

So I will be updated here when this assignment is done.


Most of the people passionate about doing Blogging and affiliate marketing,

So this week will help us to start a career in Blogging and affiliate marketing.

And I will update here when this assignment is done.


And the final week is going to Digital mentoring.

This week will help the people who want to start their career in Digital Mentoring Like Digital Deepak.

And I will update here when the assignment is done.

In each assignment, Digital Deepak shows us the Assignment video, which is an average 1-2 hours quality video.

After I watched, he invited us to join a zoom call where he explained to us how to do the assignment one by one. And then he gave us a worksheet for doing assignments.

And If you are worried about zoom call webinar timing. Then don’t worry, you will get the recording also.

But The deadline countdown has started after the explanation. 

So we get seven days to complete the assignment.

It’s enough time to complete the assignment.

Honestly, if I tell you how much time it takes to complete the assignment, then I will tell you it takes only 3-4 hours to complete the assignment. But sometimes it takes a maximum to a maximum of 1 day.

So if you are a serious person like me, then It will take one day to complete the assignment.

After that, you can submit the assignment and chill.😎

Still, if you are not understood in the assignment video, then don’t worry. You will get another Q&A session by Team Digital Deepak.

Most of the time, you will meet a super talented lady in the Q&A session, who is Kamna Jain.

Here We asked her doubt about the assignment. And she replied to us one by one.

She was also an intern from batch 1. And after completing the internship program, she joined Team Digital Deepak.

She is a very cool lady. Every time she is ready to help us. Whenever I ask her any questions, she replied. 

So I have not faced any problem yet, technically, I have got various types of support in this internship program.

And my fellow interns are also very helpful. Every time they have helped me when I am stuck somewhere. 

And if we missed the Q&A session, then we also get the recording video.

So I think now you feel the assignment is too easy. 

Yeah, it’s too easy if you put effort into doing the assignment.

But you have to submit the assignment before the deadline otherwise you will be rejected. 

Then you will lose the reward.

But your fellow intern will get the reward at the same time. 

And I know you will feel uncomfortable if you will not get the reward. So I’m sure you will complete the assignment on time.

But again, you will get a chance to submit the assignment. If you submit again in time, then they will approve you. But make sure to complete the assignment correctly, and after completing the assignment, recheck then submit.

I always submit the assignment in time and wait for the reward. But after approving the assignment, they will reward you, and It takes ten days to review the assignment.

From my experience, my assignment always approves, and I get rewarded.

By the way, it’s not too hard that you can’t do.

It’s going to be easy after seeing the explanation video by Digital Deepak. 

So don’t worry too much about completing assignments.

And also you will get a private community, all of the interns there from your batch.

Here you can also ask anything to your fellow intern or discuss it.

So I think you have got the point about how it’s different from the course.

Let’s talk about How It’s different from another internship program

First, I have done an internship at Internshala, which is a very famous internship platform.

Then I joined the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Then I came to know how it’s different from another internship program.

One thing my favourite is that nobody rewards you for doing assignments. And here I get ten rewards and also remain rewards to earn.

Then the Second thing came to know that nobody gives you 24×7 support. But here I get 24×7 support. And I heard that they are also hiring a particular person for live chat. And It’s going to be extra cool.

Then the Third thing is that after finishing the internship they will guide you step by step for

  1. How to get clients for a freelancer 
  2. How to get a dream job through HR
  3. How to start blogging and how to get a commission from affiliate marketing.
  4. Finally, they also guide you on how to start mentorship. And How to create your course and sell.

I think It’s too much that they are teaching us because I have not seen that type of internship program anywhere.

And finally, you will get a chance to join Team Digital Deepak. But the chances are too low because they will hire only one to two people to join their team.

But no worry you will still get enough things that nobody will give you.

Now I want to tell you how this internship program has changed my life.

When I joined this internship program, I didn’t know too much about Digital marketing. 

So, I was nervous that would I do the assignment? And Who can help me when I am stuck?

But I had the willing power and interest to learn. 

On the first day when everybody introduced themselves to each other, I felt a little bit confident that everybody is on the same stage and I’m not alone.

But when I was doing the first assignment, I felt it’s a little bit difficult, but when I completed 2-3 assignments, then I thought it’s easy. Because here everybody is relaxed and everybody helps each other to complete assignments.

So eventually I get comfortable with everything.

After completing the 5-6 assignment, I feel my Basic concept and doubt will get cleared.

Then I just added in my resume that I’m doing a Digital marketing internship at Pixeltrack Digital, and I also added what type of project I did and What kind of project I am doing right now. And updated it in my profile.

Suppose you are confused about why I mentioned pixelTrack Digital because This is the Digital marketing agency by Digital Deepak. And We all are getting certificates from Pixeltrack Digital. 

Then Some magic will start to happen that I didn’t expect.

What magic!!!

I randomly get interview calls from three-four companies. And this is a surprise for me because this has never happened before. I had never gotten an interview call back.

But I could not join because I had not completed my graduation. It was my final year.

But I came to know that Now it will be easy to land a job.

I’m thrilled to get this opportunity.

I know you got inspired, That’s why you are still reading this till now.

So now tell me what about you??

Want to Join the Digital Deepak Internship Program???

Don’t overthink. If you want a Mentor for learning DIgital Marketing, Then Digital Deepak is the Right man for you.


If you ask me what’s your opinion about this Internship Program then seriously I have no word to tell you, but I can describe in just one word, that is LIFE CHANGING.

I joined this internship program. Before Lockdown, when everybody gets bored by seating at home, but I enjoyed it at home because of this internship program.

So Finally, I have got lots of knowledge about Digital marketing that I am not able to believe myself sometimes. But it’s True.

So if you are the same type of person like me, then don’t be too late to Join.

Here is the Link to APPLY

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Still, if you have any Doubt about This internship program, then feel free to ask me by commenting below. And You can also connect with me on Instagram.

Ranjan Das

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  1. This is a very in-depth article on Digital Deepak Internship Program.
    I am also part of Batch 4 DDIP and trust me if you have come looking in the comments then this would be the best fit for you and just go for it
    Getting Cashback is the best motivation for driving results.

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